Members + CharacterEdit

Beneath here will be a list of all the current members of Dragon Tail. New members will be added right away or as soon as possible.

- KuroHasu -> Kuro Hasu (Guild Master)

- Greenleaf102 -> Sif Greenleaf

- HydraOnyxDrakin -> Hydra Dragneel

- ZenoDarkDraconic -> Zeno Draconic

- SerasAiHellsing -> Ina

- HollowIchigo02 -> Ichigo

Banned peopleEdit

Here is the list of people who should be kicked out of the rooms on sight. When someone is banned they're not allowed to take place in this rp anymore.

- xDevilsxNeverxCryx

- xPhoebeDrOnyx -> Phoebe Scarlet

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